Fallout Shelter Cheat Codes

Fallout Shelter Cheat Codes

The Fallout Shelter Hack & Cheat Codes is now available. Fallout Shelter puts you at the head of an anti-atomic bunker Vault-Tec. Build the best shelter, make the happiness of your people and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland. The game is to build a shelter (of course anti-atomic) as safe as possible and to repopulate the Earth with the colony you have hosted. Management game Blend (skills) and exploration (it is possible to visit “Wasteland”) Fallout Shelter has “cute” graphics, a thousand instead of gray and nihilistic style of the PC game, but this radical change does not matter since the result was surprisingly consistent air.
Make a bright future … underground. Get to know your people and make sure to make them happy. Find their corresponding work best for them and watch them flourish. Equip the new clothes and weapons and the Practice to improve their skills. Build a radio order to attract new residents. Or interfere in their personal lives: provoke new friends and watch them flirt. Send your people to the surface to explore the confines of a devastated land. They will find adventure, objects necessary for their survival … or a horrible death! Find new weapons and armor, get experience and earn capsules. But do not let them die! It could be that the idyllic life is your shelter is threatened hazards caused by the post-nuclear life. Prepare your people against the threats of the outside world … or inside.

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Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks, Cheat Codes & Hack For Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

To ensure a smooth and fun experience as possible, the Vault-Tec engineers have added new great features!
• Supervisors must prepare for new threats to the residents of their shelter. Some shelters have reported rataupes ground attacks and rabid skinners, probably attracted by the construction noise.
• Vault-Tec has partnered with General Atomics International to provide supervisors with their own butler robot, Mister Handy! Now you lazy other supervisors have fun and a nice alternative to the collection of resources for yourself. (Pretty girls are not included.)
• Our engineers have clearly underestimated the (ahem) value of residential areas for growth promotion shelters. What has caused overcrowding and a decline in the effectiveness of shelters. But rest assured, this stimulation was adjusted and shelters of all sizes and shapes should again function peacefully.
• Not content to steal your resources away some the most daring robbers also start flying capsules. (If you have not armed the residents of your shelter, it’s time to get started!)
• Vault-Tec do not approve the use of an unauthorized levitation technology, all residents of floating in the air shelters were put on the ground. Definitely.
• Some of the most difficult conditions of daily goals have been revised downwards. Nothing, it was a pleasure.

Fallout Shelter Cheats Proof and Features:

What is Included In The Fallout Shelter Cheats & Hack

Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks, Cheat Codes & Hack For Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will give unlimited unlimited Energie. Fallout Shelter Box Hack Tool 2016 is 100% working and undetectable.

What is Included In The Fallout Shelter Cheats & Hack:

Fallout Shelter Cheats Proof

– Unlimited free LunchBoxes.
– Unlimited free BottleCaps.
– Double XP for free.
– Works on all smrtphone platforms.
– works fully online in your PC browser or Phone browser.
-It is 100% safe.


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