Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats

Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats

Great new game is out! Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats for unlimited Gold, Cash, Product and Wood organized by sections for Android & iOS: iPhone – iPad. This game has “Strategy Game” as genere, made by Ftxgames, released on Aug 31, 2016. If you can’t find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates. This Narcos Cartel Wars cheats and tips is totally for education. But it does not matter why you are using this software and cheaters and for what.

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More info about Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats for unlimited Gold, Cash, Product and Wood:

You may be able to be the best player on your game Narcos Cartel Wars in the world or in your country. And you can add unlimited resources in Narcos Cartel Wars game that is fun to do. Our Narcos Cartel Wars cheat code tool is ideal for professional players, but we have done for all and it is safe to use. Even today many players on Narcos Cartel Wars using our Cheats and tricks, and they stay up forever in the game. Download Narcos Cartel Wars Cheats from below! Check Narcos Cartel Wars: information and cheats evidence.


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– For the PC version, launch the software and you will be required to connect the device to the computer and click connect.
– If you run directly from your device / smartphone / tablet just open the software and click “Connect”



Game Description: It is inspired by the “Narcos” series of Netflix

Given the huge success of Netflix series, Narcos, the Plamee and FTXGames developer created a system based on the same game, which will give us an approach to the life of drug kingpins.

The title will put us in command of a criminal organization, same as we in we will have to “manage”, gaining respect, power and money throughout the game, while we become the territory of our competitors, either way “legal” or by force.

Pablo Escobar star in their own video game thanks to Narcos: Cartel Wars. The software will reach phones next September 2 and will allow users to be masters of their own army with which to invade other players to take the lead in a sign of the imaginary drug.

The game has the rights to the series of Netflix, so some of its protagonists will be present in production. The video game release date coincides with the arrival of the highly anticipated second season of Narcos American service streaming.

After the overwhelming success of Netflix series, “Narcos” which recounts episodes from the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, now announced a new video game that will allow players to become a narco.

According found Aristegui News, the company FTX-Games created a game that is called “Narcos, Cartel Wars” which will users as leaders of a criminal organization to make money, respect, territory and power. They may also develop operations, recruit narcos and win territories, as depicted in the series.

On the website of FTX- Games, they assured that “the end user decide between silver or lead”, also announced that the game will be available the same day as the new season of the series was released, next September 2 to IOS and Android mobile devices.

Final conclusion why you need this Narcos: Cartel Wars Cheats:

With Narcos: Cartel Wars cheat tool you can make unlimited gold, cash, wood and product on your iOS and Android game without any problems.

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